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You worked hard on that bid, got the work and now to deliver all those extras they are asking for. Sure you started out right, crossed all your t's. But, it's a dragon's den out there and growing your business has become more than just getting work done and getting it done right. You built your reputation on callouses and achy muscles and now you're taking it up a notch!

As you grow in your business so does the knowledge required to wear more hats. Its hard to keep up with new bid requirements, tough competition, changing roles and higher expectations to do much more than just deliver good quality services. The problem is that good quality services is what you deliver and all the extra stuff can drag you, your team, your production, your safety and your quality down.

So, don't stop there - keep up the pace! Know your schedule, your Client, your supervisors, your costs and every deliverable before it wears you down. Make it a priority to always become better - commit to continuous improvement!


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