Show your Clients you mean business by reporting and controlling costs effectively through-out the life-cycle of a project!


  • Project (Field-office) Set-up

  • Time Entry

  • Data Entry

  • LEMS - Daily Reporting

  • Cost Reporting

  • Change Management

  • Managing Spend

  • Forecasting

  • Cash Flow

  • Accruals

  • Invoicing

  • Internal and Client Reporting

  • Performance Measurement

  • Project Close-out

Outsourced Project Cost Controls

Project Controls is a resource that can be outsourced with notable results. We offer a remote service that is an exceptional benefit to your business.


We give you the ability to be controlling costs before the site office is even a possibility, the dirt hasn't been touched and the porta-potties aren't yet on order! If a site office isn't even an option for your project then you still have the ability to manage costs without the worry of missing contract changes or failing to meet your targets and your forecast. The benefit to having someone in control from reviewing estimates at start-up, controlling costs through out the life cycle of the project and then firmly closing out the contract provides your company with immeasurable opportunities for controlling and monitoring successfully.

As cost is a key performance indicator, the ability to report and control costs from estimate to final payment will result in trust from your Clients and future projects for your business. 


We offer construction contractors with a range of project cost control solutions and can assist with aligning your reporting with your contractual requirements and work with you and your project team to capture everything for analysis and reporting.


Our services can include full project cost control functionality or pieces of it, such as: time entry, payroll, data entry, invoicing or change management and we can set-up your site office too.

Our experience is that every company operates differently, has different systems and the control requirements differ from internal reporting to external reporting for individual Clients. We will focus on what you have and what we need to do to make reporting work for all of your needs.

If you are committed to outsourcing work and the benefits you, your team and your projects will ultimately gain, take a peak at this quick read and make sure that happens. It's a team effort and finding the right outsourcing partner is key!


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