The Road to Success is a Slow Climb

Updated: May 31, 2019

Success can be overnight. More often though, it is not.

“We must walk before we can run” English Proverb

The Road to Success

“That is how success is, it’s a slow climb with openness to learning, growing and expanding your knowledge.”

We have all heard the quick overnight success stories. For many of us though, it doesn't happen that way and realistically quick success is not necessarily the best success.

Starting Up

When I started this venture, I spent the first few months just thinking about what I could deliver successfully on my own. As a start-up with no money in the bank, I took the time I needed and took Clients on that I knew I could manage alone until I could afford to expand.

I had worked for an architect many years back that told me he often had guys a year out of technical school that were asking for more money and bigger projects that they weren’t ready to handle. He taught me a lot technically that I carried forward and he taught me to be patient.

Work Hard and Smart

I worked hard and took as many courses as I could. I always asked a lot of questions. And when I knew something, I still let others tell me how they did it. I felt that everyone I met had something to offer and could teach me something new. I was right. I have never worked with anyone that hasn’t taught me something and I have never gone a day without reflecting on what I could have or should have done differently or better. It may have been technical in nature or it may have been skills to develop my emotional intelligence. Each as important as the other. And, I have acted on every lesson. Some skills took longer than others.

The Continuous Road

That is how success is, it’s a slow climb with openness to learning, growing and expanding your knowledge. It’s working with others and removing yourself from your comfort zone. It is built on successes and failures, adaptability and inner reflection. It is a continuous road with bumps and turns that you choose to travel alone on but can not do without others.

Rachael Vaugeois

Construction Cost Consultant

Owner, Green and Beans Cost Consuting Inc.

Green and Beans Cost Consulting Inc.

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