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Green and Beans Cost Consulting has had some great times growing! Not only do we tend to other businesses but we tend to ours too!

I started working as a bookkeeper in 1986 but later took off time to be a mom. I went back into the working world part-time when my baby began kindergarten. In 2009 after getting experience in the trades and project controls, I began contracting and it allowed me to travel in my work, take on new challenges and expand my career exponentially.  In the fall of 2017, I made a decision to focus on travelling less, taking better care of my health and expanding my business which was beginning to collect dust with the changing economy and my decision to keep a work-life balance. I decided it was time to make a concentrated move with an idea that I had been carrying too long. I did this by giving my numbered company a name, a business model, a focus and some real goals.

Once the decision was made I began to focus on my business plan and spent countless hours working on it and my website. I started it when I went to Sun Peaks in Kamloops to compete in a Spartan Ultra in September that year and it took me the rest of the year to develop it. I left the race feeling battered with the knowing that I had given up a lot to not be able to meet the cut-off to finish that race and the knowledge that it was up to me to fix that and get going on my own game. I had finished twice before, it's an intense race and all wasn't lost.

I worked all of 2018 both in my real job and in my business. I got up at 3:30 every morning and was at my desk by 4:30. I didn't want to let down anyone in "my real job" and I was fuelled to make it as a business owner. I did this for a year, until I had built my business enough to step out and take the plunge.

In January 2019, I was completely on my own but on my own terms. It had been and has been a huge transition and I'm completely grateful for each Client I've met along the way and for my family, friends, former colleagues and employees for their words of encouragement and cheering me from the side line.

Thank-you, completely grateful.

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